Mikie's 350 Dune port/Shearer Banhsee
Herr Jugs Racing
You race us, You chase us!
HJR Moto Photos
Brians' 4Mil Dune Port Colorado Shee
Dustin's 350 Dune Port banshee
HJR Drag Blaster with a 255cc kit
Tony's 4 mil cub for coal hills video
Fransisco's Drag Ported 350
Fran's 421 cub Drag port/Shearer pipe
James's 350 Trail port banshee
Luis getting it down in P.R.
Ron's Stroked/Big Bore/Shearer Piped Blaster
Watch for Chris in the modified PW 50 class
Dewayne's 400cc Dune Port/Shearer pipe
Justin's  +4mil Dune Port Shee
Dustin beats brother Mikeis Banshee.
Click for video
Travis's dune ported bike @ Dumont
HJR 421 drag cub build
Cheif Koziol's 421 wrinkle painted Cub
Dune Port, T-5s, pump gas, stock carbs
Click on Picture for Dyno numbers
Click picture for video clip
PV 472cc Cheetah gas motor owned by Chris
Made 100 hp with RDZ in frame pipes Click for
Dyno. Has out of frames in picture.
Bunche's 421 cub, Charlie as the jockey
Matt's RZ350  road race 421 cub
Mitchell's 4 mil dune port CPI piped Shee
ESR 350cc hot dune setup
Elisha's Dune Port /Shearer piped Banshee
Randy's big HJR built DM
Fishmans 521cc Super Cub
Drag port 669cc DM banshee
Shane's 4 mil stock cylinder HJR motor
Marc on his HJR built 400EX taking second in the 450cc World off road championship series