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Warranty & Shipping
All motor work is completed in 10 business days. Thats right no more waiting a month to six months for your motor. If
Ihavethe parts you need (I will let you know before you ship your motor, payment must be up front) 10 days with me
andbackto you it goes. Changing your order when I have your motor will void this turnaround time of 10 days. Shippingtime
not included. I will ship it back as fast as you want it. No more missing that race or trip because your builder has your motor
locked up in his shop.
All motors must be shipped clean or a fee of $35.00 will be tacked onto your bill. Storage fees will apply a dollar a day
forallcompleted work that is not paid for. Prices don't include shipping fees. We accept all major credit cards.

Fill out the
ORDER FORM if you can and include it in your shipment.

All motors ship to:                            Give Kevin Herr a call at:                                                                                
Herr Jugs Racing                              858-945-3622
10505 Dabney Drive                         or email him at
San Diego, CA 92126                        

How to ship your motor
Best shipping methods are FedEx, UPS and USPS. I recommend most single cylinder two stroke motors be shipped
in20gallon Rubbermaid Rough Tote containers. Banshees and four stroke motors fit best in 22 gallon Rubbermaid
RoughTotes. Rubbermaid Totes are available at Wal-Mart, Target and Home Depot type stores. They usually run $12 to $18.
You do not need to call me to let me know a motor is coming. I would like you to call me the day after I have
receivedyourmotor. That way you know I received it and I can go over the details of what type of work you would like to have
done. Iwillnotcall you when your motor arrives. I end up wasting too much time trying to find people that may be at work or
I recommend putting a few layers of cardboard down. Put a layer of plywood down next. Make sure the wood is  smaller than
the bottom of the tote. You don’t want the wood to be against the plastic and cut the tote open. Then add few more layers of
cardboard. Drop in the motor and pack a lot of cardboard around the sides and top of the motor. The motor should not move
in the tote when the lid goes on. I recommend that you zip tie a label with your name and address to the motor itself so that it
would be returned in the event of damage to the container. Make sure that all fluids are drained from the motor and carb (if
carb is being shipped). Put the lid on the container. Drill 1/4" holes every 4 to 6 inches around the lid and use plastic zip ties
to fasten it.

There is no warranty stated or implied, due to the unusual stresses placed on racing/performance parts and because we
have no control over how they are used. All sales are final.
Returns have to be authorized by HJR. Call first. All shipping and return costs are paid by the customer. Returns are voided
60 days after the purchase has been placed.