Herr Jugs Racing
You race us, You chase us!
This is Butch's 421cc Cub Banshee. Out of frame Shearer small bore pipes. He races
the BBDR in PA, Tomahawk in West Virginia and Thunder Valley raceway. This bike
consistently finishes top of the class. Near lane in video.
Possom's 350 dune port, out of frame Shearer small bore pipes. Possum was so
impressed with the dune port he put pipes on and raced it. He took it to Banshee Wars
and got second in class. Near lane in video
This stock jugged, head +4 mil on Alky is a good dune/hillshooter. Running no lockout
and no bling it catches people off guard.
Kev climbing Oldsmobile hill at Glamis. Some unsuspecting rider took the bait with a
couple slow passes. Kev lets him jump out of the hole and goes right by him.
Testing the stock cylinders, head, carbs, air box on a set of Shearer pipes and Dune
port job.
Are you running one of my motors?
Send in the videos or send me the link to
your video site. I will play it here.
This is a Blaster with an old 265 big bore sleeve in it. It has a 38 PWK and a Trinity big
bore pipe. You cant get any of this now but the 240 big bore kit with an HJR port job
and a shearer pipe runs right with it.
Ryan is running a 4 mil Banshee with an HJR drag port. It consistently grabs first in
class. Here he is taking out a Yamaha 450. 4 strokes and 2 strokes racing together.
Now thats some fun!
Francisco has a stock cylinder and stroke Dune port bike. Stock carbs, heads and a set
of T-5's round out this simple build but he has no problem goblin up most bikes.
Brandon on his dune ported stock stroke entry drag level Banshee. Racing in PA. Near
Jeff at Banshee hill in Dumont CA. He is running a 421 Cub motor. Shearer out of frame
pipes with a drag port on 39 PWK's. Near lane in video