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We are dedicated to “Max-Performing” your bike. With 25 years of experience Hot-Roding everything from
big blocks to pocket bikes, Kevin Herr of Herr Jugs Racing is obsessive about improving the internal
combustion engine.
His specialty is porting two stroke motors to their absolute maximum potential. Port timing, intake/exhaust
flow volume and direction are taken into account when porting your jugs. We take the time to open up your
intake, transfer and exhaust flow paths for MAXIMUM flow. This makes a HJR dune or drag port much faster
than one done by our competitors. Search the banshee forums for testimonials!
Check out our web site for a list of what we do, our product list for the best in performance products, our
photo and video pages to see what we put out. We can put together a package just for you. We can send
just the parts or put the whole motor together and mail it to you.
Parts for all your banshee
motor needs.
4 stroke porting, valves,
springs and cams!
Heavy Duty True and Welded
+4 mil $399.00
+7 mil $475.00
+10 mil $499.00
To contact us:
Phone: 858-945-3622
E-mail: kevinherr@herrjugsracing.com